hey dorks. i recently spoke with a friend about gender, and how said friend was beginning to explore their gender.
they said to me the following:

Kinda like the "it's cool for other people to be comfortable but I'm not allowed to also feel that way" mindset
so, i want to clarify that everybody is f'in' valid
it's absolutely okay to identify as whatever you like. ultimately, it's all about *you*, nobody else; so therefore nobody else gets a say in what you identify as. futher, nobody - absolutely nobody, not a single soul, absolut niemand - gets a say in what pronouns you use. are you a boy who prefers he/him? cool. are you a girl who likes using they/them? that's neat. are you a person who likes ze/hir? coolio mate, you do you. they're *your* pronous, make them what you please.
no matter your (perhaps lack of) gender, you're f'in' valid. you've got one shot at this whole life thing, you deserve to spend it happily.