i came here because i wasn't welcome in my mother's house. we were fighting - as we usually did, to pass the time - when something in me snapped, and i knew i had to leave. this had happened a few times before, but only now was i actually able to leave. i had turned 18, i had graduated high school, i had a wonderful partner to help me move, and i had a place to move to. so i moved.
that was two months ago, to the day.
(2019-05-21, last argument; 2019-05-25, departure for knoxville)
cw: parental abuse, stream-of-thought
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i started a journal, when i realized i might be transgender. it was originally just for the purpose of logging my dysphoria, but i later found comfort in writing down day-to-day happenings.
for the record, here's some of the more notable "incidents":

so yeah, that's why i'm here.
it was a long time coming.