im in knoxville.
tn, usa. that knoxville.
more specifically, im currently sitting half-naked in the bunk under my sleeping fiancee - the aforementioned matthew - staring at the single window in my apartment. there's a suitcase at the foot of the bed, a hamper of dirty clothes under the window, and flags draped as over me as a richer human might drape silk sheets over their four-post bed.

its not much, but it - all 300 square feet of it - is mine.
err, half of it, anyways. i do have a roommate.
i havent always lived in Knoxville, in fact i basically just moved here. came into town on may 27th, 2019. on the 22nd, i knew i had to go. that day, i put in my two-days notice at a job i very much miss and recruited the help of said fiancee to help me move out.
its... upsetting, the events that led to me leaving. i might talk about that later. honestly i probably have some kind of trauma from it
i used to live in a place called dublin. not ireland, dublin ohio. land of corn. kinda northeast of columbus. an incredibly rich town.
seriously, the median income was six-figures. one of my neighbours was a ceo, one was a hockey player, most were retired at the age of 50.
no idea how we managed to live there. allegedly my mother invested money very well when she was younger; personally i believe she was selling millions of dollars worth of cocaine.
(which almost be upsetting, because she never offered me any of her stash)

but lets not focus on the past. im here now, im out of that frankly terrible environment, and im surrounded by people who love me as an independent human being.
im here, im queer, i have a blank slate, and by golly am i determined to make a name for myself.