first post!
this is kinda surreal, i haven't had a blog for a good while. at least six months? not that long, i suppose, not that i posted often on the last one.
i'm going to do something different this time. i'm going to do an actual blog that i'll use.

i should probably introduce myself. properly, that is, not that stripped down description in /whoami.html.
i'm eostre.
i'm queer, transgender, polyamourous, leftist, and a computer dork. i'm the pervert that fox news warned you about. i'm here to steal your man and turn him into a revolutionary gay catgirl powered by estrogen. hell yeah.
i live in the cedar bluff area of knoxville, tn.
not entirely by choice, funnily enough. i lost my place to live in ohio two weeks after graduating. fortunately, i had a spare bunk in knoxville; hence, i'm here now. i kinda miss it, i had to leave behind my primary partner.
i rather miss that specific partner. their name is matt and we've been together for over a year now, they helped me through some very dark times and i owe them my life.
i love matt.
i love julian.
i love elis.
i love gale.
heck, i even love myself.
that's what this site is going to be about.
love, be it my gushing about my partners or my affection for my computers.
it's all done for love